Welcome to Grounds for Celebration, where you will find the best fresh
roasted coffee, tea, pastries, Gelato and lunch in
Beaverdale, Windsor Heights & West Des Moines, Iowa!
Our Process
If you can't tell, we take our coffee very seriously. We don't want to give all our secrets away, but we would like for you to get a glimpse of what goes into your cup of coffee everyday.
We have people on staff dedicated to roasting because we believe it is an art. Every week we receive fresh green beans in bulk. How much we roast depends on how much we need, which ensures our freshness—generally, we only roast what we know we can use within the next 72 hours. We do our best to make sure that no beans are on the shelf after several days and never longer than a week. We also took the time to work with Primo Roasting to build us a roaster that accommodates our needs and affords us the ability to bring the very best coffee to our customers. We have just installed a roaster capable of roasting 70 lbs. at a time. This is the largest air-cooled batch roaster in Des Moines.
From Green beans to the cup, we take the most care handling our coffee in such a way as to impart only the best flavors of the coffee bean that is possible.
If you ever want to see us in action, stop by our Beaverdale store—chances are we'll be roasting!
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