Welcome to Grounds for Celebration, where you will find the best fresh
roasted coffee, tea, pastries, Gelato and lunch in
Beaverdale, Windsor Heights & West Des Moines, Iowa!
George Rivera-Davis, Des Moines native and creato/owner of Grounds for Celebration, has been in the coffee business for more than 15 years. "The first time I drank a good cup of coffee...well, my uncle grows coffee in Panama and he had a bumper crop one year. He roasts his own beans on an open fire in a big cast iron cauldron and stirs it with a big paddle that looks like a boat oar. He sent us some of this coffee and we brewed it up one morning. I drank that and said, WOW, this is nothing like the coffee I've ever tasted before. I was just like everyone else—I usually bought whatever was on sale; it was just a brown liquid that gave me caffeine, taste wasn't important." To George, the lingo is not crucial, "One of the things we try to do is just make it a real comfortable thing for people to talk about. You know, we don't care if you call it a café (sounding like coffee) or café (sounding like café); it's however you want to say it. We try to take the language out of the coffee experience. You describe what you want and I'll remember it the next time you come in. All I want you to do is experience a good drink, that's the key ingredient for us."
Now, George and the team at Grounds for Celebration has created one of Des Moines largest coffee sources, infusing wonderful coffee, tea, pastries, and food with a comfortable contemporary environment. George and Jan Davis oversee the daily management of the 3 stores as well as the roasting of the beans, tea and menu selection, and even the interior design of the stores.
Hung upon the walls of each Grounds for Celebration location are pieces of available art; "basically, local artists come in and say they do this and that, and we ask if we can see it. Mostly it's for the artists—we get very little if anything. The key is that we serve as a venue for these creative people to display their work. It's fun for us to see a lot of different creative things pass through here...and it's a topic of conversation for our customers."
Jan has been interested in the tea side of the business and is a certified tea blender, one of a rare few in the Midewest. She loves to talk tea and is a source of knowledge and techniques for the enjoyment of your favorite tea beverage.
George is of Panamanian decent on his mothers side, and has many aunts, uncles and cousins that live in Panama. The Santa Maria family farms are where they visit when they go to Panama and have fallen in love with the beauty that is Panama.
George and Jan have enjoyed the coffee business to such an extent that in recent years have traveled to coffee growing regions of the world to gather more knowledge to share with their customers. Recently with the help of George's mother, Cecilia and their family in Bogetta Panama, they have started to grow their own coffee. With 5,000 three to four year old seedlings coffee trees planted in 2003 you will soon see the fruit of their love of coffee in a Grounds For Celebration near you!
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